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Centro Tecnologico Arti e Mestieri is a consortium company in which the prevalent partners are small and medium-sized enterprises of the productive fabric. The primary objective is the promotion of the growth and of the competitiveness of the enterprises through the offer of advanced services.


Consultancy to enterprises ranging in different thematic areas: from the improvement and development of the production organization based on Lean perspective to the enhancement of the roles and of the company team building, from company safety to environmental management.

Particular attention is paid to the mechanical engineering sector, by proposing accredited consultancy about: special welding processes, analysis of metallic materials, manufacturing processes and treatments, failure analysis.


Centro Tecnologico Arti e Mestieri is officially accredited for Continuing Corporate Training and offers the possibility of a high customization of the training contents, useful to achieve effectively the objectives of growth and professionalization of the company human resources. The courses can be of different levels according to the different topics: from the courses for safety at work to the managerial training concerning specific themes or for technical tasks.

The training is active also on the dedicated e-learning platform, with customizable proposals focused on specific needs.


Laboratories with instrumentation and specialized and qualified technical personnel, able to carry out tests and functional analysis which are helpful to support and grant the reliability and the quality of the processes of the enterprises by means of controls or in the search and resolution of problems, critical elements, non-compliances, etc.


Centro Tecnologico Arti e Mestieri has as one of its objectives to stimulate and support the spreading of the corporate culture in the territory, with an active role and as a point of reference for the enterprise system.

To this purpose, seminars, conventions and meetings are periodically planned to deal with current topics of company interest with experts on specific themes, institutional representatives, significant witnesses.

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